Tod im Salz. Eine archäologische Ermittlung in Persien

Death by Salt. An Archaeological Investigation in Persia

Location: German Mining Museum, Bochum 08/06 – 12/09 2021 and still online worldwide

Date: 08/06 – 12/09 2021 and still online international available

The exhibition is based on the excavations and research at the Chehrabad/Douzlakh salt mine and the Patrimonies projects. The exhibition, opened in the midst of the pandemic, won a price for the digital concepts.


Th. Stöllner, A. Aali, N. Bagherpour Kashani (eds.), Tod im Salz – Eine archäologische Ermittlung in Persien Begleitbuch, Katalog und Graphic Novel (Bochum 2020).

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