Gender Equality Measures

We invite our female scientists to expand their career opportunities within the framework of the gender equality measures of SPP 2176 Iranian Highlands. Please submit your applications to us for your additional professional and personal development measures. These should go beyond the regular qualification offer in the research project.

We would like to support our female scientists in particular, because

  • female scientists at management level are underrepresented throughout Germany and worldwide.
  • also, structural discrimination still exists. Therefore, career development measures are designed to support female scientists in pursuing their scientific careers and qualify them for their further scientific endeavors.


What can you apply for:

  • Mentoring programmes
  • Coachings
  • Soft skillscourses
  • Additional conference visits
  • Additional subject-specific training
  • Auxiliary (GER: Hilfskraft) to support your scientific work if working time is lost due to childcare. See here
  • For additional information please read here. 
  • There may be other measures that might fit to the programme.
  • Possible amount: Up to 2,000 €, incl. tax and all other costs. You may request higher costs with appropriate justification.

Please note: The counselling or training must take place in Germany, but is also possible remotely (video meetings). We cannot transfer money to companies or service providers abroad. You can also apply as a group. In exceptional cases, male scientists can also apply, e.g. for gender sensitivity activities.

What is required:

Please use the form and:

  • name the activity, date, expected costs (including MwSt/taxes) etc you want to apply for.
  • write very shortly about your concern and motivation, your goal, the problem to be solved, your expectations or otherwise in applying for the measure.
  • state your connection to the SPP 2176 Iranian Highlands.
  • attachments: your short CV and the offer, registration or similar for the planned activity.
  • after the activity has taken place, please send us a receipt or certificate of participation.
  • note: the money must be spent by the end of 2023.

Deadline for application:

30th of June 2023.

Submission via this form:

Click here

If you have questions or need help finding the right measure, e.g. a coach or mentor, please first contact the Human Resources Development Office, the Equal Opportunity Office or the Gender Consulting at your university. Otherwise kindly contact Dr. Natascha Bagherpour Kashani ( In case of technical problems (you cannot use the form) you can also contact us via this address.

Useful links: (also for males) 54&vkid=1201

Please note: We will not publish any names on the website.