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Public Announcement of Research Grants



We kindly invite scholars, to submit proposals for the Affiliate Programme ‘The Iranian Highlands’ 2024 to carry out their research in cooperation with an SPP 2176 associated university or institution in Germany. We especially ask Iranian colleagues to contribute – also such living in Germany and other EU-countries.

Framework of the Research Grants

‘The Iranian Highlands’ is an interdisciplinary research programme focusing on expressions of resilience, the social and physical environments, and long-term developments in premodern Iranian Highland communities. It is represented by now 16 individual projects employing archaeology, archaeometry, geo-sciences, ancient history, and linguistic research. Key research areas are: i) Landscapes and raw material regimes; ii) Daily life and institutions; iii) Mobility and networks.
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As part of the priority programme ‘The Iranian Highlands: Resilience and Integration of Premodern Societies’, a Fellow-Associate-Programme (now called Affiliate Programme) was introduced in 2021 and 2022 to support short-term research stays for investigators at universities or at research institutions that are associated with the SPP 2176 Iranian Highlands. This is the fourth announcement of the affiliate research grants within the SPP 2176.

Requirements of the research Grants

Applicants must submit separate applications for travel cost and research expenses. A detailed breakdown and justification of research expenses is necessary. For both forms of application (travel and research) the agreement of the respective institution is required.

 The Fellow-Associate-Programme

  • is open to all Iranian researchers after their MA/ PhD-exam
  • supports women who need additional support for family, especially children. In addition to the fellowship grant, a family allowance may be granted.
  • shall include a research stay of up to three months in Germany. This can include e.g. analysis and other non-personnel costs, accommodation, journey etc.

 The following average rates can be considered as a guideline for the grants of the Affiliate-Programme:

  • Travel costs / fellows Iran-Germany-Iran and in Germany: up to € 2500,00 ,-
  • Research grants for Iranian scientists: up to € 2500,00 ,-
  • Family allowance: up to € 1500,00 ,- (shall especially support women, parents, families, e.g. extra travel costs, costs for relatives or childcare or other)

Your applications should include:

  • a CV
  • a brief project description (500-700 words) including goals, methods, and a research schedule
  • a feasible and detailed breakdown of your budget plan, including publication, laboratory and any other expenses, justification of the family allowance. If the budget plan is not detailed and comprehensible, no funding can be provided.
  • a commitment from the host university or institution for research and/or hosting costs. It is mandatory to negotiate the proposal with the host organisation. The host must be affiliated with the SPP 2176.

 Research topics

The Programme supports a variety of research activities (e.g. archaeological, laboratory or archival research, museum studies, cultural heritage concepts or workshop or conference contributions or organisation) but proposals must relate to at least one of the key research areas listed in the introduction. Proposals must be submitted in English.


The deadline for submission is the 15th of July 2024. Proposals submitted after the deadline and proposals that do not meet the requirements listed above will not be considered.


Please send your applications directly to: 

For questions, the committee of the grants programme is at your disposal. Please don´t hesitate to contact us via the e-mail address above.

The Iranian-German DFG Priority Programme (SPP 2176)