In our programme we focus research questions based on the following main topics:


The term Resilience, originally from the field of material physics, is used in various disciplines (systems ecology, psychology, environmental studies, sustainability; political economy, etc.). In research, there is a controversial…

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Landscapes and raw material regimes

The Iranian Highlands are being examined in a diachronic manner and in its diversity and are being analysed according to their effects on economic and social practices. Which highland-specific resource…

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Daily life and institution

Current understandings in the social sciences regard not only political, religious, economic or military establishments as institutions, but also kinship units and some forms of short-term cooperation anchored in daily…

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Mobility and networks

In landscapes with difficult and unstable environmental conditions, mobility often plays a vital role. Despite its topographic diversity and variety of ecological niches (for example the oases of the central…

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