SPP 2176 Iranian Highland Exhibition

Special Exhibition DFG-SPP 2176: The Iranian Highlands – Resiliences and Integration in Premodern Societies

Sonderausstellung DFG2176: Das iranische Hochland – Resilienz und Integration in vormodernen Gesellschaften.

Location: German Mining Museum, Bochum

Date: 08/06 – 12/09 2021 and still online international available

From 8 June 2021, visitors to the German Mining Museum Bochum were able to explore the Iranian Highlands through numerous archaeological finds and media installations. Two much-discussed concepts were at the centre of this exhibition: Resilience and Integration. Visitors experienced how these helped to shape societies in the Iranian highlands from the Neanderthals of the Stone Age to the Islamic period of the 13th and 14th centuries. 


K.A. Franke, Y. Kouroshi, M. Skowronek, Th. Stöllner (eds.), DFG-SPP 2176: The Iranian Highlands – Resilience and Integration of Premodern Societies, Exhibition Brochure (Bochum 2021).


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