The Patrimonial Projects Programme

Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Participation and Communication of Science

The Patrimonial Projects programme builds on the DFG-funded Mining Landscapes project of SPP 2176 ( The research and the results from the archaeological excavations and surveys are being expanded by experts into the fields of preservation of cultural heritage, structural development, participation of society, communication of science and ethical discussions. The following projects are part of this:

The Salt Men of Iran, The Cultural Heritage of the Salt Mummy Museum in Zanjān.

Funding: Gerda Henkel Foundation (GER), Prince Claus Fund (NL)

The Water Project, Water, Education and Tourism in the Rural Mahneshan Region/Iran.

Funding: Gerda Henkel Foundation (GER)

The Open-Lab, The Conservation of the Saltmen of Zanjan (completed)

Funding: German Federal Foreign Office

Publications (selection):

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Bagherpour Kashani, M. Yoshida, The Saltmen of Iran – Cultural Heritage as Driver and Enabler of Sustainable Development and Growth, conference publication of the International Committee for Museums and Collections of Archaeology and History, ICOM Prague 2022 „The Power of Museum“ (submitted)

Bagherpour Kashani, N. Boenke, R. Herd, The Ressource Water, Climate Change And Resilience at Douzlākh, Workshop-Publication “ResourceScapes in the Iranian Highlands – Water, Wind and Minerals as Factors of Appropriation and Integration”. September
12-13th 2022. Session: Fundamentals of a specific environment: climate, vegetation, soils and landuse potentials (submitted)

N. Bagherpour Kashani, Maruchi Yoshida, Ein digitales Restaurierungslabor als Lernort für Wissenschaftler, Ausstellungsmacher und die diverse Öffentlichkeit. Der Umgang mit menschlichen Überresten in Museen am Beispiel der iranischen Salzmumien, in: Wo Wissen entsteht – Orte der Forschung, des Austauschs und des Lernens in den Altertumswissenschaften, Cluster 5, Geschichte der Archäologie, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (in Vorbereitung).

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