Masoud Yousefi

Current research position:

Researcher in the Conservation of Asiatic Cheetah Project (CACP).

Research interest:

I am broadly interested in paleobiogeography, paleoecology, paleoanthropology, archeology and environmental conservation. I use species distribution modeling to reconstruct past distributions of species, particularly archaic humans, and decipher the historical drivers of species distribution and dispersal. I am interested in understanding archaic humans’ interaction with their environment and the role of past environmental changes on their distribution.

My proposed project:

In this project I will develop a high resolution spatial model for the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic hominin settlements in the Kermanshah region and will identify topographical drivers of hominin settlement distribution patterns during the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic. This study will establish a firm link between topographical variables and hominin settlements. By studying the eco-cultural niche models of the Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens it should be possible to identify the most important topographical variable in shaping their palaeodistribution. Ecocultural niche modeling will help us to find potential sites of unexplored hominin settlements in the study area and future field excavations.

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