My general research interest is archaeology of Iran, especially the prehistoric archaeology of the Fars region. 

I am also interested in socio-economic complexity, nomadic pastoralism, agricultural systems, and trade networks.

My project’s primary goal is to classify and analyze the prehistoric material of the east of Fars (Fasa and Darab valleys), which was collected by Prof. de Miroschedji in 1971-72. It also includes the prehistoric material of surveys more recently¬†conducted in this region. All documented sherds will be classified and analyzed according to their typology to divide them into sub-phases. It will be attempted to relocate all of the prehistoric sites to analyze the settlement system patterns of the prehistoric communities of the east of Fars This research will result in a chronology for the prehistory of the east of Fars, and¬†shed a light on the prehistory of this region, which is much less well-known than that of neighboring regions such as the Kur River Basin or Kerman.

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