Research interest:

My general research interest is the archaeology of Iran, especially the prehistoric archaeology of the Fars region. I am also interested in socio-economic complexity, nomadic pastoralism, agricultural systems, and trade networks.

My proposed project:

My project’s primary goal is to classify and analyse prehistoric material form eastern Fars (Fasa and Darab valleys) that was originally collected by Prof. de Miroschedji in 1971-72. Additionally, I will include prehistoric material from the region that was collected more recently. All documented sherds will be classified and analysed according to their typology to divide them into individual sub-phases. I will attempt to locate all prehistoric sites to analyse the settlement system patterns of the prehistoric communities within this region. My research will result in a chronology for the prehistory of eastern Fars and shed light on the prehistory of this region that is much less well-known than its neighbouring regions such as, for example, the Kur River Basin or Kerman.

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