PhD in Environmental Science, University of Tehran

Research interest:

I am a multidisciplinary researcher and work in the fields of biogeography, paleobiogeography and archaeology. I apply Geographic Information System (GIS) and Eco-Cultural Niche Modelling to reconstruct ancient hominin species’ paleodistribution and their dispersal corridors.

My proposed project:

The Iranian Plateau is an important geographical unit located in a key potential region for Pleistocene population dispersals across Eurasia. Despite its important location and a long history of archaeological investigations, the Palaeolithic era of this plateau remained less explored compared to other parts of the old world. This is particularly true for the Epipalaeolithic period. Thus, the aims of this study are as follows:

Modelling the distribution of Epipalaeolithic sites in the Zagros Mountains;

Determine the most influential climatic and topographic factors in shaping the distribution of the Epipalaeolithic sites; Identifying the Epipalaeolithic climatic refugia during the ‘Last Glacial Maximum’ (LGM).

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